• Let's "shake" your email signature

    A cloud service to manage, unify, and standardize mail signatures throughout your organization.

    Incorporate banners to the email signatures to generate corporative or commercial impacts in all the communications that generate your company.

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  • Examples of corporate email signatures
  • Use the potential of your emails.

    Every day hundreds or thousands of emails are sent from your organization.
    Why not use them to communicate new messages to your audiences?

    I'm interested! Now I just need to convince my department of:

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    • estadisticas campaña
    • Ratio clics
    • Ratio clics por departamento
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  • For those of marketing

    Your department can easily create, schedule and change campaigns without the need of the user intervention or the IT department.

    • Customized design

      100% email signature tailored to your corporate image.

    • Programmable

      You easily set when the campaigns start and finish.

    • Segmentation

      You can choose which campaigns show each department, delegation, etc.

    • Statistics

      To analyze the performance of each campaign.

  • For those of IT

    At last you will have a system that helps you manage, create, unify and distribute email signatures automatically to all users in your organization.

    • User management and signature creation

      Administration by control panel, Excel or dedicated corporate URL for HR.

    • Automatic distribution

      Each user receives their personalized signature ready to use and the instructions to use it.

    • Google Workspace

      Compatible with Google Mail for Business.

    • Microsoft Services

      Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 compatible.

    • panel usuarios
    • en uso
    • activos
    • distribuir, descargar, editar o eliminar firmas
    • Segmentación de usuarios

Our clients

They have immediately seen the potential of Mailshaker, and they are already taking advantage of it. Companies, institutions and small, medium and big organizations with something in common: the desire to shake their communication through e-mail.

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  • okiko talents
  • pimec
  • seocom
  • teterum
  • adqa
  • anxanet
  • quadis
  • Canopack

A tailored price

We have made a price that suits each company:

  • For all

    By user by month
    Monthly payment
    • Small setup cost
    • All functions
    • Phone Support
    • Minimum 50 users
  • For all

    By user by month
    Annual payment
    • No setup fee
    • All functions
    • Phone Support
    • Minimum 50 users
  • Great account

    By user by month
    Monthly payment
    • Small setup cost
    • All functions
    • Phone Support
    • Personalized price
  • Great account

    By user by month
    Annual payment
    • No setup fee
    • All functions
    • Phone Support
    • Personalized price
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